Pathways Intern

Ashley Wissel

Ashley Wissel, an undergraduate student from Purdue University, worked in the Air Force Research Laboratory's Materials and Manufacturing Directorate as a Pathways intern.

The Pathways Program offers federal internship and employment opportunities for current students, recent graduates and individuals with advanced degrees. The program pays individuals to work in federal agencies and explore various career opportunities.

Wissel's mentor, Dr. Shanee Pacley, said that mentoring a student is a rewarding experience for everyone involved. She explains that students benefit by gaining experience working for the Air Force on research that directly supports warfighter needs.

"Ashley did a super job this summer," said Pacley. "She is one of the most independent, self-motivated students that I have had the opportunity to mentor."

Wissel asserts that the internship far exceeded her expectations. She met researchers who were more than willing to answer questions, and said she felt empowered to work independently in the lab.

Pathways interns also participated in networking activities including tours of local landmarks and lunchtime seminars dedicated to various scientific topics

"Networking and becoming friends with other students is great because you get to learn about projects going on in the directorate and you can share advice and ideas with each other," Wissel said.

Info taken from the article

Students complete successful summer internships at AFRL

Aug 24, 2018

By: Donna Lindner, Air Force Research Laboratory