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Last Updated on: 17-Nov-2020

For all Air Force-wide guidance and information please visit:

Common COVID-19 symptoms include fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, fatigue. If you are experiencing these symptoms, please notify your supervisor/chain of command. If you cannot reach your supervisor, please contact our Crisis Action Team Hotline: (p) 315.330.4444 (e)

Rome Research Site Information:

  • Health Protection Condition (HPCON) Bravo (a/o 23 Sep 20):
    • SUBSTANTIAL: Sustained Community Transmission
    • More info on HPCONs:
  • Guidance on Returning to Work:
    • Rome Lab Return to the Workplace Plan
    • RRS trifold COVID-19v1
    • Mandatory Face Coverings: Effective Immediately, by order of the Installation Commander, and in accordance with Secretary of Defense memorandum, “Department of Defense Guidance on the Use of Cloth Face Coverings,” dated 5 April 2020, all personnel are required until further notice to wear a face covering that covers their mouth and nose while transiting in public places on Rome Research Site. Face coverings may be removed upon reaching one’s personal workspace, so long as 6 feet of distance can be obtained from other workers.
  • Policy Letters on Public Health Emergency:
    • Travel Policy and Guidance for Rome Research Site
  • Base Access Information:
    • All Mission Essential (ME) personnel, as well as any others that require access for computer or CAC issues will access the installation via the gate off of Brooks Rd., or the SE or NW parking lots. Do not park in any other remote/exterior lot and walk around (this is for additional accountability purposes); Note, DFAS and associated tenants will access via their designated lots/doors. Divisions Chiefs may now approve additional Division ME personnel to access the site. Any access requests for non-ME personnel (visitors) need to be staffed up through the sponsoring Division Chief to the RI Installation Commander or Deputy, and to the RIOF Security Office.
    • Building 3, 2 & 106 will only each have two entrances active, so ME will have to access the facility to do their work through ONLY those doors.
    • Unless your function requires you access multiple areas of a building (e.g. facility manager, CE, security), we request that you take the most direct route to your workspace and minimize access to other parts of the building. This is to limit the potential mass spreading of any contamination if a ME person does test positive and has been in the building while carrying the virus.
    • Continue to use good hygiene measures to ensure we keep the spaces as free of any potential contamination as possible.
    • Contact Information:
      • Security Contact:
        • Phone: BDOC:  315-330-2961
        • Email: AFRL/RI Police
      • Tech Support Contact:
        • Phone: 315-330-7275
        • Email:

Advisories & Memos:

  • DoD Stop Movement Memos:
      • SECDEF Memo – Transition to Conditions-Based Phased Approach
    • More Info:

Emotional Support Contact Information:

  • Rome Resiliency Connect:
  • Resiliency Bookmark Image Attached:
  • Adult Military & Family Life Counselor Health Services:

Childcare Resources:

  • CARES act provides free childcare in NYS to qualified, essential, low income workers:

Resources for Working-From-Home:


  • Traditional VPN (USAF AFNET SSL VPN Client on Desktop)
  • New VPN Client (USAF VPN Client on Desktop)
  • Desktop Anywhere (Search on AF Portal – Can replicate your NIPR account on your home computer with a CAC)

Check your Office Voicemail:

  1. Call your desk phone 315-330-XXXX
  2. After your voicemail answers hit the *
  3. User ID: Your phone number without the area code, so 330-XXXX followed by
  4. Then it will ask for your PIN followed by #

Communication and Collaboration Tools:

Training/Education Materials:

    • AFTC: Quarantine University on Facebook, (412 TW), crowdsourced online learning platform, podcast, videos and links to free online courses.
    • LCMC: Resource Learning Center (LCMC); handful of digital resources tailored to our workforce with the goal of helping you sharpen your skills.
    • AFRL: WOW-DIY (Wizards of Wright Do-It-Yourself); Easy science experiments parents can do at home with kids….
  • Social Distancing Tips from AFMC:
    • 5 Ways to Thrive
    • How to stay connected when physically distancing

Cybersecurity and Working Remotely:

Direct Links to Site Tools (all CAC enabled):

Local Public Health Helpful Information:

  • New York State – Links to COVID-19 Public Resources:
    • New York State Department of Health:
    • Central New York – Links to Local COVID-19 Public Resources:
      • Oneida County:
      • Onondaga County:
      • Madison County:
      • Herkimer County:
      • Hamilton County:
      • Other Resources:
        • Dial 211 for help finding resources:
        • Suicide Hotline: 1-800-suicide

Scam/Fraud Warnings:

  • Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are warning the public of calls appearing to originate from CDC through caller ID, or voicemail messages saying the caller is from the CDC. Some calls are requesting donations.
    • These calls are a scam and are referred to as “government impersonation fraud,” meaning criminals are impersonating government officials for nefarious purposes.
    • Scammers are becoming more sophisticated and organized in their approach. They are technologically savvy and often target young people and the elderly.
    • More information is available on the CDC’s website

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