AFRL Inspire – 2022

On August 23, 2022 the 6th AFRL Inspire – inspired by the theme: “Accelerate, Innovate, Thrive” – was livestreamed from the Air Force Institute of Technology, WPAFB, Ohio. Enjoy the 2022 talks below.

AFRL Inspire: Gen. (Ret) Ellen Pawlikowski – Guest Speaker

Former AFRL Commander Gen. (Ret.) Ellen Pawlikowski kicked off AFRL Inspire 2022 as its guest of honor, setting the tone for the remainder of the event. Learn more about her career and insight on why AFRL is so good at what it does, thanks to the confluence of “visionaries, drivers and bridgers”.

AFRL Inspire: Mr. Brian Mitchell – Creating the Next Generation of Innovators, Creators and Inventors

Whether you’re a mentor or receiving mentorship – there’s always time to learn. Which is why our own Mr. Brian “Mitch” Mitchell shares the importance of education when it comes to inspiring the movers and shakers of the future.

AFRL Inspire: Dr. Steve Chambreau – Next Generation of Liquid Propellants

The future of rocket propulsion lies in a propellant with a very “uplifting” name – ASCENT. Learn about this green fuel and how it’s creating safer means for the rocket launches of tomorrow courtesy of Dr. Steven Chambreau‘s AFRL Inspire talk and via our website:

AFRL Inspire: Delia Jesaitis and Steve Colenzo – Hacking in the Name of Space Security

This feature centers on the idea of cultivating a more secure space for satellites and space-borne tech for the United States Air Force, United States Space Force and beyond. Learn more about how that can be done via Delia Jesaitis and Steve Colenzo‘s full AFRL Inspire 2022 talk now.

AFRL Inspire: Dr. Jayde King – Human Autonomy Teaming: Sci-Fi Dreams Made Reality

Dr. Jayde King sits at the crossroads of science fiction and reality due to her expertise in human machine teaming! Learn more about her work improving digital systems to create a truly adaptive solutions “via” her AFRL Inspire 2022 now.

AFRL Inspire: Dr. Kerianne Hobbs – Drivers Ed for Space AI

If you had to teach a system how to operate in the busy place orbital space has become – you may need a driver’s ed course. Learn more about how that’s being done via Dr. Kerianne Hobbs‘ talk during the AFRL Inspire 2022 event.

AFRL Inspire: Dr. Melissa Wilson – Moral Distress and the Science of Caring

Moral distress is something that effects operators and military personnel worldwide – and health care providers are no different. Learn more about this phenomena and what’s being done to alleviate its effects alongside Dr. Melissa Wilson.

AFRL Inspire: Dr. Mike Goodson – Gut Check: Internal Dialogue

Much of your physical well-being all stems from one location – your gut. Join us in learning more about what Dr. Michael Goodson and his team are doing to keep our Airmen and Guardians in peak shape through the magic of microbes and better understanding our gut biomes.

AFRL Inspire: Maj. Michael Mayak – Around the World in 80 Steps

Join Maj. Nayak as he discusses his experiences working in the harsh environment of the South Pole and how an early lesson taught him how to keep morale high. What lesson you ask? Well, happiness is the little things – like walking through every time zone during your morning commute in just 80 steps.