Not Another Acryonym

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Not Another Acronym

Dr. Dan Berrigan, an AFRL scientist, travels the country to find and explore ideas for the future of the United States Air Force.

In 1944, the Air Force was still part of the Army. A box of corn flakes cost 8 cents. Most Americans didn’t even know what television was, BUT the Commander of the Army Air Forces asked his brightest minds to consider a pilotless Air Force. In 1944 – we’re thinking about drone aircraft! Over time, the Air Force Research Laboratory has helped invent the technology behind things like UAVs, GPS, and jet engines. In 2018 we led an effort to explore what Science and Technology we need for 2030 and beyond.  Join Dr. Berrigan on ”Not Another Acronym” as he VLOGs from workshops and talks to experts around the country.



Astronaut Guy Bluford