Hack-A-Sat 1

HACK-A-SAT 1: Space Security Challenge 2020

The democratization of space has opened up a new frontier of exploration and innovation. But with this opportunity, new cybersecurity vulnerabilities are also being created. One human can design, build and launch a satellite, adhering to very few standards and security protocols.

So how can we achieve safe, reliable and trustworthy operations to truly realize the promise of space? …By hacking a satellite.

On Aug. 7 to 9, the Department of the Air Force and DOD’s Defense Digital Service premiered the Space Security Challenge 2020, a mixture of virtual workshops and prize challenges related to securing space systems, including a live capture-the-flag (CTF) style satellite hacking competition dubbed “Hack-A-Sat.”


The Making of Hack-A-Sat

A documentary diving into the story of the 2020 Space Security Challenge: Hack-A-Sat and what made it work.

Hack-A-Sat Final Event Live Broadcast – Day 1

Hack-A-Sat Final Event Live Broadcast – Day 2

Hack-A-Sat Final Event Closing Ceremony