Department of the Air Force Leadership Experience Growing Apprenticeships Committed to Youth (DAF LEGACY) is an Air Force program that changes the game when it comes to identifying and retaining young diverse talent that will make up the future workforce. This three-phase program is designed to propel a middle school student to an Air Force STEM career after college graduation.

The three phases of DAF LEGACY are Craftsman (age 11-15), Jr Apprentice (age 16+), and Apprentice (college).

Craftsman students are inspired through a series of week-long camps with hands-on experiences and opportunities to engage with their peers.

Jr Apprentice students experience a six to eight week internship during which they work under the guidance of a mentor, showcasing their projects at the end of the session.

Apprentice students build on their experience from the Jr Apprentice phase.

Working under the tutelage of a mentor, they are expected to be more independent and have more responsibility. These students grow into mentors for younger students in the program. Mentoring plays a vital role in DAF LEGACY. The strength and prestige of DAF LEGACY is a direct result of enthusiastic students and quality mentors and volunteers. The Air Force strives to influence and inspire the next generation of young minds.

Deadline to apply

– March


– U.S. Citizen

– Minimum GPA of: Craftsman Camp-2.5/Jr. Apprentice-2.5/Apprentice-3.0

– Craftsman Requirements: Must meet age requirement by June 1st. Must provide proof of grades and a letter of recommendation.

– Jr Apprentice Requirements: Must work a minimum of six weeks during summer (June – August).

– Apprentice Requirements: Seeking a STEM Degree. One year experience as a Jr Apprentice.