Rapid Prototyping Cell

Air Force Special Operations personnel face a number of challenges in the battlefield. Many of these can be attributed to complexity and weight (over 100 pounds) of the gear they carry on a typical mission. The Rapid Prototyping Cell program works to eliminate these challenges. Our researches have created ways to reduce operator fatigue and workload in combat environments; increase mission effectiveness; reduce tactical decision-making time and errors in accessing and transmitting mission information; and enhance battlefield situation awareness, communication and information processing. Examples include:

Battlefield Assisted Trauma Distributed Observation Kit (BATDOK) is a revolutionary mobile tool in battlefield patient care. It provides an intuitive means to monitor multiple patients’ vitals wirelessly, autonomously documents patient care, and transmits data throughout the patient’s continuum of care.

Handheld Electronic Audio Recording System (HEARS™) is a series of adaptable recording devices that can connect inline with fielded radios and aircraft intercom systems. It records all bi-directional input/output communications that can be reviewed later for after-action reports.

Flashing Indicator of Swimmer’s Health (FISH) is a personal underwater blood-oxygen monitor that detects potential blackout conditions and alerts users. This will help prevent shallow water blackouts experienced during water training events.