EAGLE – Satellite Space Experiment

EAGLE, short for Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) Secondary Payload Adapter (ESPA) Augmented Geosynchronous Experiment, is part of a multi-mission spacecraft which launched in April 2018.  ESPA is an innovative technology that increases the number of satellites that can be put into space on a single launch. Much like a freight train that can just add extra cars to transport more cargo, one or more ESPA rings can be added under the primary payload to launch more satellites. With EAGLE, we take space vehicle design concepts to the next level by adding communication and propulsion capabilities creating, in effect, a host satellite with detachable satellites or experiments. EAGLE and Mycroft together are demonstrating tools, techniques, and procedures for improved spacecraft on-orbit resiliency, hyper-temporal imaging, space-based space situational awareness, advanced rendezvous and proximity operations, and low cost delivery of payloads to geosynchronous orbit.

EAGLE Fact-Sheet