Raising The Bar For Cross-Domain Transfer

X-ARBITOR is AFRL’s Next Generation Cross-domain Transfer Solution and Successor to ISSE. Built from the ground up to leverage innovations in technology, security and development methodologies, X-ARBITOR offers a seamless migration path for existing ISSE Mission sites, while providing flexibility, scalability and security unmatched in traditional CDS architectures.


Through Secure Agility, we deliver more robust, more secure, more timely capabilities to mission sites.

Build a Secure Framework

  • NCDSMO Raise-The-Bar Compliant
  • Evaluated OS (RedHat Enterprise Linux)
  • Root of Trust (Secure Boot)
  • Fine Grained MAC and DAC
  • Role-Based Access with Two Person Control
  • Integrity and Process Monitoring
  • Auditing and Logging support for SIEM
  • Autonomous Event Management
  • Rigorously vetted and tested

Integrate Agility

  • Innovative Recursive Filter Orchestration Engine
    • Configure unique data flows for unique missions
  • Modular Security Policy
    • Adaptable to address evolving security threats
  • Pluggable Filters and Protocol Adapters
    • Flexible to address variety of Deployment Scenarios
  • Extensive GUI-driven Configurability
  • Open, Secure APIs for External Mission Applications
    • Integrate CDS capabilities from across Government

What is Cross-domain?

Government information systems are connected to various networks, each controlled by different security policies and representing distinct security domains. These domains are isolated from each other, typically to protect sensitive/ classified information and network resources. Systems such as ISSE and X-ARBITOR, that securely enable transfer of data from one security domain to another, are categorized as Cross-Domain Solutions (CDS).


The ISSE Program Management Office, hosted by the Information Handling Branch at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/ RIEB), creates solutions for secure cross-domain sharing of information to enable more effective collaboration across security domain boundaries. The first ISSE system was accredited for operation in May 1996. The ISSE CDS evolved over the years by developing and integrating technological innovations, adapting to security regulations and threat models, and satisfying emerging mission requirements. X-ARBITOR continues the evolution of ISSE into the next generation and beyond!

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