The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Information Support Server Environment (ISSE) Program Management Office is pleased to announce the addition of X-domain Agile Rules-Based Information Transfer OrchestratoR (X-ARBITOR) to the National Cross Domain Strategy & Management Office (NCDSMO) Baseline List. Placement on this list by the NCDSMO indicates compliance with the National Security Agency (NSA) Raise the Bar (RTB) initiative, which was validated through months of rigorous Lab Based Security Assessment (LBSA), and enables mission sites to select X-ARBITOR to meet their Cross Domain Transfer requirements for both Top Secret/SCI and Below Information (TSABI) and Secret and Below Information (SABI) deployments. This major milestone represents AFRL’s continued commitment to advancing the state of the art in Cross Domain Solutions (CDS).

X-ARBITOR’s revolutionary design was architected from the ground up to greatly improve both security and agility in Cross Domain transfer, and has been included in NSA’s Raise-The-Base (RTB) CDS Implementation Requirements as one of a limited number of acceptable design patterns. In developing X-ARBITOR, the AFRL team leveraged agile development methodologies, Cross Domain expertise and “lessons-learned” gained from over 25 years of providing full life-cycle support for the ISSE CDS to a broad range of Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and Coalition mission partners.

X-ARBITOR delivers a secure, scalable, and extensible framework engineered to rapidly deploy cross-domain data inspection, sanitization, and transfer capabilities. X-ARBITOR enables simultaneous, bi-directional transfers between a multitude of security domains and supports a wide variety of file types including both highly structured data such as XML, and complex file types such as Microsoft Office and PDF files.

“We are excited to see our hard work come to fruition and have X-ARBITOR added to the Baseline list”, Mr. Eric Todd, Program Manager, ISSE PMO, at AFRL stated. Mr. Todd added, “X-ARBITOR truly advances the state of the art in Cross Domain Solutions, bringing unprecedented security and agility to the Intelligence Community and DOD to enable rapid adaption to evolving mission needs and cyber threats.”

If you would like more information, please contact the ISSE PMO at (315) 330-7838 to find out how X-ARBITOR can meet your agency’s mission needs and cross domain transfer requirements.