AFRL Regional Hub Network – Mid-Atlantic

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Regional Hub Network – Mid-Atlantic at Cornell University is a pilot initiative designed to create a new science and technology ecosystem for partners from universities, businesses, government agencies and venture capitalists.

The mission is to collapse the conventional path of research discovery to products and applications for the Air Force, Space Force and commercial applications and through the Hub community accelerate the translation of ideas to prototypes to products.

The AFRL Regional Hub Network – Mid-Atlantic will create a more visible and accessible Air Force and Space Force presence in the region, strengthening partnerships and programs that catalyze innovation, commercialization and impact creating scientists and engineers trained via the experiential approach alongside the existing workforce to accelerate skill development and new products.

mid-atlantic regional hub

Mid-Atlantic Hub: NY, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT, NJ, PA, MD, VA, WV.

Cornell University will focus on complex systems and modeling as well as quantifying performance in extreme environments.


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