AFRL Sensors Directorate Mentee Network hosts Q&A session with key leaders

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio (AFRL) – The Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate Mentee Network recently hosted a Question and Answer session with Amanda Gentry, director of the AFRL Sensors Directorate.

This virtual Q&A session facilitated open dialogue to provide a direct line of communication between Sensors Directorate members and key leadership. The Mentee Network is comprised of engineers, researchers and scientists who collaborate with other directorate members to share information and further develop skill sets and technological advances.

“These connections can lead to increased fulfillment for early career employees because they know their work is valued by their leaders,” said Anne Major, an associate research electronics engineer and Mentee Network lead for the Sensors Directorate. “We believe that this event and others like it are one of the many ways we can focus on our human capital, our most critical asset.”

Gentry participated in this interactive forum to communicate professional development opportunities available to Sensors Directorate members.

“AFRL has an incredibly diverse array of opportunities for the workforce,” said Gentry. “Mentoring, whether formal or informal, can help show the junior force examples of options available to them which many not fit the standard career path.”

This session aimed to highlight the impact that the Junior Force’s work has on AFRL’s mission success.

“Studies show that a sense of purpose in one’s work is a primary motivator,” said Gentry. “Luckily in AFRL we have that opportunity in spades as we seek technologies to support our warfighters. It is important to take the time to explain the context of how our work in the lab directly correlates to a strategic challenge that we are facing.”

The Mentee Network is a connection-driven initiative implemented by the Wright Connections Mentoring Program.

“The Mentee Network was implemented to encourage and empower junior members, both civilian and military, who are at the start of their professional lives to take charge of their career development and aspirations,” said Simone Koram, AFRL Sensors Directorate Learning Officer.

Creating open lines of communication between key AFRL leaders and its employees increases information sharing and productivity. AFRL continues to build connections within the organization to create innovative, dynamic teams that create solutions for the operational warfighter.