You’re a Stapp!

Result: You got Col. John Paul Stapp! You’re an ambitious and inquisitive person who thrives in a fast-paced environment. Your mind is always overflowing with ideas and aspirations that you’re determined to achieve at a record pace. Even though you are constantly moving at max speed, you’re extremely empathetic and would do anything for your loved ones.


Bio: You’ve probably heard the Elton John song “Rocketman.” In fact, you may even know every word. But did you know that Col. John Paul Stapp is America’s original Rocketman? Stapp directed a rocket sled program, with the goal of improving aircraft safety, and in 1954 he broke a record land speed of 632 mph and was also the quickest to stop. The data gained from these tests was applied to automobile safety as well, and led to mandatory seat belts in cars. Make sure to buckle in for more exciting AFRL related history content here.