What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is an engineering discipline that works with living systems to produce a wide range of technologies and products. Much like artificial intelligence, this disruptive technology will have global economic, socio-political, and military impacts.

Who We Are

Located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the 711th Human Performance Wing (HPW) and the Air Force Research Laboratory are unique organizations that bring together scientists, engineers, and aeromedical professionals to protect our #1 asset – our Airmen and Guardians.

What We Do

Our mission is to discover, demonstrate, and transition knowledge products and technology solutions from the full spectrum of bioscience, biotechnology, and aerospace medicine, to enable, enhance, sustain, and restore the health and performance of our multi-domain warfighters.

Solutions for Our Airmen and Guardians

  • Expanding aeromedical capabilities in the Arctic, Space, and austere environments
  • Improving autonomous aeromedical evacuation, en route care, and remote telemedicine, telementoring, and telemonitoring (TM3) capabilities
  • Producing fundamental understanding of biological mechanisms and biomarkers indicative of physiological and cognitive states and their responses to operational stressors
  • Delivering personalized predictions of response to stressors & optimized interventions
  • Leveraging systems and synthetic biology to accelerate human adaptation
  • Enabling personalized systems biology and neuroscience approaches
  • Augmenting decision making via novel Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) paradigms
  • Sustaining and enhancing the cognitive and physical performance in Airmen/Guardians in operational environments
  • Improving human machine teaming with autonomous systems thru autonomies responding to changes in operator state
  • Enabling brain-machine interfaces with autonomous weapons systems

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